Our Story

Life is an ocean of possibilities, where you keep on juggling to find a sweet spot. Hi there, I am Manish Adlakha, who runs an artsy hostel in Rishikesh. You’ll read a little and get a lot about my life.
I start off with my existence in the corporate industry. But there was always a longing, to be in the mountains, away from the hustle. Continues to describe the usual city-life, the overbearing need to be in the wild and decides to leave
Now that you’ve visualised it, let me enunciate further. With hindsight, I realized how much living in the mountains meant to me. At one time, I owned a trekking company where we’d be super-conscious about the environment as half of my body runs in sustainability. sighs
With a goal in my mind, moving to Ladakh and working under HIAL (Himalayan Institute of Alternatives Ladakh) to work on tourism, climate change, and cultural upliftment was the best decision! This was the moment where I realized that dreaming big doesn’t have to join hands with wealth and prosperity. Sometimes, it could be about having an endless smile.
After more than a year of working under Sonam Wangchuk, I came back to do something for the hills closer to me. I opened a Hostel that will serve as ground zero for my future projects in these states. The hostel is called ‘Sweven,’ meaning a vision, a dream. My wife and I are simply trying to recreate an ideal travel experience for anyone who has a desire to go beyond the map. It, however, does make me tingly when the realisation hits that it’s still not yet completely plastic-free. sighs again
This life is still a work-in-progress. Once in a blue moon, I sense the remnants of my city life catching up to me. Hopefully, time shall do its thing. But this is not enough to quench my thirst. My mind is already invested in the idea of rehabilitating around 3000 ghost villages in Uttarakhand as a result of the prevalent economic migration.
However, this is the future. Today, my hostel has my heart. If your feet ever touch this divine ground, it’ll be my pleasure to take you around Rishikesh, for what it is not known. Because as they say, as long as we search, the answers come.