The Sweven Hostel Rishikesh

The sun rises over cascading mountains. A river flows down off the slopes into a green valley. Doesn’t this resemble the classic landscape picture from your childhood?

For us, Rishikesh is the embodiment of that vision. It’s here, where Mother Ganga, descending from her fount upstream in our Gharwali Himalayas, becomes the majestic river that graces the whole of North India. It’s here, in these picturesque hills, where the grandest mountains on Earth begin their transformation into the great Indian plains. It’s here, in this multi-faceted valley, that we find both the adventure capital of India and the yoga capital of the entire world. And it’s here, at Sweven, where we’ve made every effort to bring a human touch to that classic vision. To fashion a modern and artistic, stylish and peaceful property that aims to serve as it’s own mini ecosystem for the diverse travellers for whom Rishikesh is a can’t-miss destination.

Whether it’s for the rare thrill of rafting down the middle of a holy and beautiful river, a spiritual quest into the deep wisdom offered by Yogic philosophy, or simply an escape from city life into the quiet refuge of a natural surrounding, we hope you’ll visit and let us support your journey.


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